Christian Community

A true Christian community offers you genuine belonging, the sense that you are welcome and accepted and enjoyed as you are, not as you pretend to be or wish to be.

In a community of belonging, we give and receive grace, we speak truth, we practice honesty and vulnerability.  In such a community of belonging we can become who were created and redeemed to be, men and women who love God and their neighbors well. We are all in a process. Jesus is redeeming each of us from our sin and selfishness, and that redemption is not to be worked out in solitude, but in the relational context of community.

In Christian community we can love others and be loved. We can serve our community together and be a part of its renewal. We can worship and pray together and grow towards maturity in Christ.

At Christ Church InTown, we pursue this communal life through our Growth Groups, Serving Together in the church and in the community, and praying and reading the Scriptures together.