Email updates

Inbox Delivery Instructions

Your providers do the best they can to keep spam out, but sometimes the systems they use mistakenly catch good mail along with it. If you do not see an email from Christ Church InTown in your Inbox, my email may have mistakenly been sent to your Spam folder or your Promotions folder (in Gmail).

Please open your Spam folder and if you find an email from Christ Church InTown open it and mark it as “Not spam”…

NEXT: Check out the instructions below for your particular email provider or software you use to see how to make sure you get the mail that you have asked for from Christ Church InTown delivered to your inbox.


  1. Visit
  2. Sign-in
  3. Click Gear icon in upper right corner
  4. Navigate to Settings
  5. Navigate to Filters and Blocked Addresses
  6. Scroll to bottom and click Create a new filter
  7. Under From, add  *
  8. Click Create filter with this search in bottom left corner
  9. On the next screen select Categorize as:
  10. Select Personal from Choose Category option
  11. Select Also apply filter to matching messages
  12. Click Create filter button
  13. Congratulations, you’ve done it!

Yahoo! Mail

  1. Visit Yahoo! Mail
  2. Sign-in to your account
  3. Click Settings in upper right corner
  4. Click …More Settings
  5. Click Filters (on left side)
  6. Click + Add new filters
  7. Type a Filter name (e.g. Christ Church InTown)
  8. Under Set rules –>From, click and select Select a filter criterion to contains
  9. Type a filter value,  *
  10. Under Set rules –>Choose a folder to move to, select folder Inbox
  11. Click Save
  12. Congratulations, you’ve done it!

iPhone Mail App

  1. Open your Mail app and go to the Mailboxes screen
  2. Scroll down to the folders area
  3. Select the Junk folder
  4. Find any email from Christ Church InTown and slide it to the left to see options
  5. Tap the  …More button
  6. Tap the  Mark… button
  7. Tap the Mark as Not Junk button
  8. Congratulations!  This message is moved to your Inbox, and subsequent email messages from Christ Church InTown will no longer be marked as junk.

Outlook Office 365

  1. Visit Outlook Office 365
  2. Under Folders, right-click any email from Christ Church InTown in your Inbox email list pane. (Check Junk Email folder, if you don’t see one.)
  3. Select Create Rule
  4. Under When the message arrives, and it matches all of these conditions, select It was received from…
  5. Select It includes these words
  6. Select in the sender’s address…
  7. Type
  8. Delete any other conditions such as and it was sent to… by clicking the X
  9. Select Move, copy, or delete
  10. Select Move the message to folder…
  11. Select Inbox
  12. Click OK at the top of the page
  13. Congratulations, you’ve done it!

Previously “Hotmail”, “Live”, “Windows Live” and “MSN”…

In the new you must click the Wait it’s safe link if you find emails incorrectly identified as spam.  To ensure messages from specific email addresses are not sent to your Junk Email folder, you can do one of two things:

  1. Check the Junk folder. If you see any Christ Church InTown email in your Inbox
  2. Open the email from Christ Church InTown
  3. Click the “Wait it’s safe” link

To manually add Christ Church InTown to the Safe List

  1. Click gear the icon on the top right
  2. Select Options in the drop down list
  3. On the Options page under Preventing junk email click Safe and blocked senders
  4. Click the link Safe senders on the next page
  5. Enter the email address * in the text box
  6. Click Add to list
  7. Congratulations!  Christ Church InTown will now be added to your list of Safe senders and will not be delivered by mistake to your Junk folder.